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Edenvale Rotary Club
PO Box 147


Edenvale Rotary Club was chartered on 12 June 1962.
Membership of Edenvale Rotary Club reached its peak in the early 1980's, when it exceeded 40. Since then, it has fluctuated considerably but has generally followed, in line with most service organisations in our part of the world, a downward trend.

Most clubs in our District have benefited significantly from the contribution of our lady members - and this certainly applies to Edenvale. Our first lady president was inducted in 1998.

Many prominent members of the Edenvale community have been members of the club. When Edenvale was a separate municipality, a number of its mayors were honorary members of the club, as was at least one Transvaal provincial councillor.

Our club has a long record of service to our community. One of the earliest projects was the establishment of a community newspaper - the Edenvale News first appeared in the late 1960's, and is still flourishing today.

One of the objects of our Club is to assist community service organisations with the funding of their activities. Our major event in this field was the Edenvale Rotary Club Duck Derby, which has now been in operation for six years, and has raised in excess of R150 000 to fund the operations of a number of community organisations.

Since welcoming our first Rotary Exchange student from America in 1978, Edenvale has hosted 41 students from 20 countries on five continents. A similar number of outgoing students have been sponsored by the club.

The club has also participated in the Group Study Exchange programme, which facilitates vocational exchanges between young business people. In recent years, we have hosted visitors from America, New Zealand and Holland, and have sponsored a number of outgoing participants.